Amanda's Knitting Journey, a Family Legacy, and a Mischievous Orange Cat

Amanda's Knitting Journey, a Family Legacy, and a Mischievous Orange Cat

In the rich tapestry of the knitting community, we weave together threads of sharing, learning, and creating. One of my greatest joys running Black Cat Custom Yarn is spotlighting the inspiring work of the incredible knitters who use our yarns. Today, I want to introduce you to a special knitter, Amanda, also known as @au.knits over on Instagram, and her journey in the world of knitting.

Meet Amanda

Amanda embarked on her knitting journey at the tender age of 10, under the guidance of her Oma. While knitting was an on-and-off activity for many years, in 2011, she picked up her needles once again, this time delving deeper into the craft. From being a curious learner, she has evolved into an accomplished knitter, even lending a helping hand to her Oma with her knitting projects.

The Laurelie Shawl 

The piece that truly captivated us, and which we're delighted to feature today, is the enchanting Laurelie Shawl. This shawl is designed by Maliha Designs, and Amanda's exquisite rendition symbolizes her evolving journey as a knitter. She's skillfully worked with our 'Frozen Throne' colorway, alongside a contrasting black alpaca yarn from Drops Designs, resulting in a shawl that exudes both warmth and a timeless sense of style.

Knitting as a Bonding Tool

For Amanda, knitting is a family tradition, a treasured skill passed down from her Oma (grandmother), who taught her how to knit when she was just ten years old. Over the years, knitting has served as a familiar and comforting constant. She would sporadically pick up knitting, adding a few rows here and there. It wasn't until 2011 that she dived deep into this craft, turning her casual hobby into a serious passion. Now, the tables have turned, and she is the one helping her Oma with knitting quandaries.

Meet Hurricane Eddy

In the vibrant world of Amanda's knitting, there's a mischievous character always ready to add a bit of fun to the mix - her lively orange cat, Ed Sheeran, affectionately known as Hurricane Eddy. Eddy's name, chosen by her teenager, perfectly fits his lively spirit and curious nature. Always up to something, his escapades often lead him into everything he shouldn't be getting into. On occasion, these adventures include finding a cozy spot for himself on a finished shawl. He's undoubtedly a part of the knitting journey, whether it's as an unexpected yarn entangler or as the warmest shawl tester! 

Knitting is not just about crafting garments; it's about the experiences shared, the memories created, and the traditions passed on. Amanda's story is a testament to that. From her Oma's teachings to Hurricane Eddy's shenanigans, each element adds a unique stitch to her knitting journey, making it a cherished tapestry of shared moments and lasting memories.

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your beautiful knitting journey with us and showcasing the possibilities that open up with our hand-dyed yarns. For those who feel inspired by Amanda’s work, you can explore our range of colorways here, and perhaps start your own knitting journey or add another masterpiece to your collection.

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